MEmu Android Emulator 6.2.7 (for Video Games)


Jul 16, 2019

MEmu Android Emulator Full is a program that specializes in video games. MEmu is an Android emulator for PC available for download, so you can enjoy many exclusive titles for mobile phones or tablets on the Android platform, and in its latest version, directly on your computer. You do not need to adjust any complicated settings and configure the controls, just install it and start playing. MEmu Android Emulator 6.2.7, you can install Android games quite easily, just click on the APK button on the right side of the interface, select the APK of the game you want to install and wait. I recommend them, the truth is that it's that easy.

Features MEmu Android Emulator
Full Android experience with an elegant desk
Flexible customization (CPU number, memory size, resolution, device model, location of the navigation bar, root mode, etc.)
Mapping the keyboard / joystick to the touch screen for a better gaming experience
Passing through sensor data (for example, accelerometer) to Android, so you can play car races like games intuitively
GPS location simulation
File sharing between Windows and Android
Quick installation of APK by dragging and dropping
Creating / cloning / deleting an Android system with a single click, and you can run multiple instances of Android simultaneously

Download Here:
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