V1.7 Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping + Actions) 4.7.28


Nov 20, 2018
NEW: SELL ON GOOGLE SHOPPING ACTIONS(*) Thanks to our module, be among the first to benefit from an automatic, fast and efficient management of orders made on Google directly from the back office of your shop. 1-click connection of your shop with the Google API Step-by-step procedure for service integration testing, very simple to implement Ability to select a specific group for customers coming from Google Shopping Actions Tool for matching the carriers present on your shop with those authorized by Google Automatic synchronization of order statuses FULLY INTERNATIONAL MODULE Compatible with all countries eligible for Google Shopping Multi-language, multi-currency compatible Multi-shops compatible MULTIPLE PRODUCT DATA CONFIGURATION OPTIONS Ability to select a size for images Ability to export all the product images or only the cover Ability to include in the product titles, the brand or the product current category in addition to its name Ability to choose the description type to be sent (short, long, both or meta-description) Ability to choose to indicate the products as always available or to indicate them available only if they are actually in stock Ability to export product sizes and/or colors: selection of product attributes/features that are sizes or colors Ability to include tags to facilitate the indexing of your products (material, pattern, age group, etc.) Management of obligatory tags such as the "adult" tag identifying products reserved for over 18 year olds Intuitive tool for matching product categories with those of Google (keyword search), for each country in which your Shopping ads are displayed, to ensure optimal classification of your products by Google Ability to update the Google categories official catalog directly from the module and for each country in which your Shopping ads are published. Ability to integrate Google Analytics parameters inside the links to your products for a better monitoring of the effectiveness of your ads. Ability to assign custom labels to your products, in order to subdivide them and have a better management of your Google Ads campaigns. Need advanced custom label management? Discover our PRO version here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pr...ogle-merchant-center-pro-google-shopping.html CONTROL OVER THE DATA TO BE SENT TO GOOGLE Ability to export all combinations as a single product or each product combination as a product in its own rights Selection of products to be exported by categories or brands, then: - Ability to exclude all products out of stock or only products out of stock AND for which you deny orders - Ability to exclude products without EAN13/JAN or UPC - Ability to exclude products without supplier reference (MPN) - Ability to exclude products below a certain price value - Ability to exclude only certain products individually or even only certain product combinations Need to create even more precise exclusion rules? Discover our PRO version here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/pr...ogle-merchant-center-pro-google-shopping.html TAXES AND SHIPPING FEES MANAGEMENT Ability, for each data feed corresponding to a given "Country/Language/Currency" group, not to include taxes in product prices Ability to manage shipping fees through the module by selecting, for each country, the corresponding carrier Ability to indicate the products or product combinations that benefit from free shipping HANDLING OF PRODUCTS WITHOUT UNIQUE PRODUCT IDENTIFIER You sell handmade, customized or other specific products that do not have unique product codes (GTIN, MPN or brand)? No problem, the module will indicate to Google through the tag "identifier_exists=false" that your products do not have references due to their nature. POWERFUL EXPORT METHOD AND PRECISE DIAGNOSTIC TOOL Generation of a product data feed by "Country/Language/Currency" group so that you can then create ads that are fully adapted to your audiences. Robust export system, which easily supports even the largest product catalogs! Selection of the method for automatically updating data on Google Merchant Center, at regular intervals. You can ask Google: - to retrieve an XML product data file, regularly updated by CRON task, on your server - or to retrieve, in real time from a dynamically generated file, the up to date product data Integrated diagnostic and optimization tool for product data, with links to the corresponding documentations TO GO FURTHER... Once your products have been exported to Google Merchant Center, set up the Google Ads dynamic remarketing tag thanks to our "Google Dynamic Remarketing" module (available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/re...ndonment/9736-google-dynamic-remarketing.html) and retarget your visitors with product ads adapted to their activity on your site. Analyze the performance of your Google Ads campaigns by installing the Google Ads conversion tracking tag, thanks to our "Google Ads (Google AdWords) Conversion Tracking Pro" module (available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/an...s-google-adwords-conversion-tracking-pro.html) Отобразить меньше Рекомендации The cost for displaying your Shopping ads depends on your CPC bidding strategy and the daily budget you are willing to commit. We invite you to consult this documentation to learn more: https://support.google.com/google-ads/topic/3119127 Что нового в версии 4.7.28(05.05.2020) - Update for Carriers for Google Shopping Actions - Fix for comboLink on the data feed


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